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Take a former high-speed military guy, add a flagrantly narrow view of music and the arts, ignite the passion and conviction that so often come only in later years, mix in 30 years of psycho-spiritual experimentation, a healthy belief that the Ashkenazi and Sephardics really ARE the REAL Jews, add a dollop of cancer and poverty and VOILA! I have come.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Musings from the Hot Seat

Ah, work. Tedious and mundane. "Help me! My Internet is too slow!"  Stressful. Unrewarding. Hopeless.

Been here for twenty-five minutes and already I can feel the contents of my morning meal rumbling around in my gut, threatening to spew forth in a torrent of refusal to answer one more phone call or listen to one more complainer.

I remember the early days. I didn't get on the Internet until after Windows 3.1 arrived and even then, I was more confused than not. Then, diligence paid off and by the time 98 came out, I was a surfing fool. This went on for almost two decades. Recently, after calculating finances I discovered that the Internet, once meant for everyone, once a great bastion of information and connectedness, has become unaffordable for my budget.

This represents a great tragedy to me since the Internet was such an integral part of my life. This in turn makes it hard for me to listen to somebody whinge and whine because they think their Internet connection is either over-priced or too slow. Talk to the hand, 'cause Jimmy ain't listening!

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