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Friday, April 8, 2011

A Mission Gone Awry

So Nato, in all their martial excellence, managed to bomb some rebels in Libya presumably quite by accident or perhaps in a case of mistaken identity, since the rebels are using acquired Libyan army vehicles. Anyway, the rebels are now angry and have been recorded yelling "Down with Nato. We don't want Nato anymore!"

Is there a clearer case of biting the hand that feeds?

Sadly, I think it was a mistake of majestic grandeur and import for the US to turn over the no-fly zone to Nato.

If  you want something done right do it yourself or so says the wisdom. This seems to be the case since after the US launched the very first strike it decimated approximately 30% of the Libyan military.

I'm passionately anti-war but if you must...why not just do it right and be done with it?

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