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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Big Hand Comes Down

Well, it's now springtime in the Midwest. Flowers are budding, birds are returning for their sojourn, and countless kids are sitting glued to the History Channel, terrified and counting the days until the Big Guy in the Sky, in sync with the Mayan calendar, raises his mighty hand against his wayward offspring and with people of all ages contemplating what exactly the Big One is going to consist of. Much self examining going on - "Will I be a hero?" juxtaposed with "Will I cower behind my friends and whimper as the big hammer falls?" We are all curious as to whether we have a "clean slate" or at least clean enough to get an easy go when the trials and tribulations hit.

These are thoughts our young people are having. How unfair to be born into this world to a cacophony of doom and annihilation being broadcast in every media years before the event.

If I were twelve, I would ask - "What about my future?" And I would be monumentally pissed.

I used to blame the carefree and jitter-bugging "greatest generation" for our woes but have come to realize that we all - each and every one of us - has played a part in sullying the earth, banishing the qualities of compassion and empathy, and practicing a material gluttony that detracts from our human-ness. Each of us has collectively agreed to lay our heads upon the chopping block and now that the axeman appears to grow near we become unnerved.

Frankly, it's far too late to assign blame (and the true culprits are far too rich and insulated to accept any culpability anyway) and all we can do is wait. Will the Earth finally shrug and caste us off like sand fleas, with mass death and destruction, or will 2012 come and go as just another mundane day?

Either way, we can only blame ourselves. Perhaps the "Ascension" as they call it is the collective discovery and understanding that there just might be a better way. Perhaps we will experience, in one night, a mental and spiritual evolution that humankind has never experienced before. It's too far off to tell but if the "signs" are any indicator, there are more earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes and gun-wielding madmen than ever before in our history. The earth is clearly wounded and she has been harmed by her very caretakers.

Whatever happens at 11:11 GMT on Dec 21, 2012, rest assured that the galaxy is going to give us a show the likes of which have not been duplicated in tens of thousands of years. The supermarket shelves will be utterly devoid of stock, and the apocalyptic crazy will be gathering in droves across the world to await the end.

And really...if you think about it fairly and objectively...we kinda have it coming, whatever it may be.

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